In 1837, a shop for wood and horn carvings named «Au Temple de Minerve» opens across the street from Hotel Interlaken. The building is an architectural mixture of ancient temple and alpine hut.


In 1863, shop owner Clement Sesti renovates the building in the Swiss wooden style.


1873 the roof is raised and an apartment is

installed on the first-floor landing above the shop.


In 1910 a second shop is added to the ground floor. On their advertising card, Egger & Brügger present themselves as «Switzerland's largest woodcarving business».


From 1928 onwards, several generations of the Zryd family run the woodcarving and souvenir shop in what is now called «Chalet Diana».


In 2016, the previous owners Eveline and Hans Peter Nobs-Zryd retire from the business and sell the property to their distant relatives.


In 2017, the new owners Conny and Daniel Wyss complete restoration work on the listed Chalet Diana.


In 2018, they receive the prize for monument preservation of the Canton of Berne.